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We know that less is more when it comes to great vodka. That’s why Warfield Distillery’s Vodka is made from simple, organic ingredients. We use homegrown Idaho wheat, Rocky Mountain water, and not much else. When the ingredients are this good, you’ll barely taste a thing, just the warmth of a summer’s day spent doing what you love.

BASE SPIRIT: Neutral Spirit distilled from organic wheat

WATER: We only use pure, mineral rich water that flows to us from the surrounding Northern Rocky Mountain peaks.

NOSE: Clean with the faintest notes of the base grains of organic wheat.

TASTE: Smooth, full bodied flavor, with a warming presence and a touch of wheat sweetness hiding in the background.

FINISH: Neutral yet rounded with a gentle, quickly dissipating burn. It is still vodka, after all.

Proof: 80

ABV: 40%

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