Madeira Finished Organic Whiskey

Madeira Finished Organic Whiskey

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Some things are worth the wait. Warfield's Organic Madeira Whiskey is no exception. Warfield's Whiskey is distilled on-site from our 2 Scottish-made pot stills from a blend of pale ale and crystal malts. Aged for 3.5 years in ex-bourbon barrels, our Madeira Whiskey then finishes for an additional 6 months in Madeira casks. The Madeira, known for its spicy and fruity flavor infusions, creates a show-stopping Whiskey with a warm but rich finish and a lingering warmth. You'll enjoy dark chocolate aromas and hints of dried coconut, and roasted nuts that dance on the palate. 

NOSE: Rich dark chocolate aromas

TASTE: Hints of dried coconuts with roasted nuts with a dash of dried fruits and spices. 

FINISH: Smooth and rich finish with a lingering warmth.

BASE SPIRIT: Distilled from a blend of organic 2-row & organic crystal malts in Scottish-made pot stills.

WATER: We only use pure, mineral-rich water that flows to us from the surrounding Northern Rocky Mountain peaks.

AWARDS:  Our Whiskeys have won gold medals from the American Craft Spirit Awards and the San Francisco International Spirits Competition, in addition to a double gold award from the SIP International Spirits Competition.

Proof: 94

ABV: 47%

3 BARRELS // 98 CASES Produced

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